What separates you from other companies?
We specialize and take pride in our unique and engaging activities that bond a group like no other. Forget typical outdated team building and ice breakers, remember mystery trips and adventure! Contact us for more information!

Will I, or anyone in my group, know the details of the trip?
Yes, typically a liaison will help us customize a trip for your group and know all the necessary details. We will work directly with them to tailor your trip to your group's size, budget, energy levels, competitiveness, age-range, etc!

What kind of activities are to be expected?
The activities that can take place on a TMT are only as limited as our imaginations. We can arrange anything from extreme sports to volunteering opportunities to relaxing getaways. Contact us for examples that would be perfect for your particular group!

How much is this going to cost?
Trip costs range drastically depending on each aspect of your mystery trip, including in particular: activities, destinations, accommodation, and group size. Typical costs are $100 to $200+ per participant per day.

What if we have dietary, physical, or religious restrictions?
All individual restrictions will be accommodated with a variety of options or alternatives when necessary.

Are your trips safe and do you have insurance?
Safety is of utmost importance to us. All safety precautions are exercised. We are a fully insured limited liability company and will collect and retain limited liability releases for all participants.