Today our app was approved by Nuance, a third-party software as a service (SaaS) that we are using in our best upcoming app ever, PlaySay Survival. Nuance has a high calibar for partners they work with. We've really appreciated their expedited support in working with us these past few weeks in making our app a winner for us both.

Why are we using Nuance?

Nuance is the best voice recognition software in the world today. It's what Apple's Siri uses. Two thirds of the Fortune 100 rely on it. It's what our friends at Vocre use. Nuance has state of the art voice technology and we're stoked to have them as partners. 

I suppose this lets you know that voice will be a critical component of our upcoming application. After all, aren't the most fun aspects of learning a foreign language being able to comprehend and speak it? Survival in any country would be extremely difficult with just the ability to read and write.


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