As a teenager, I sold $20K worth of kitchen knives to strangers door-to-door. As an adult, I started and grew a tech company to a $2M valuation with a #1 ranked iPhone app of the USA that was acquired by Babbel. At Salesforce, I attained over 200% of my quota each year as the #1 ranked sales rep. Most recently at Flexport, the most competitive company to work for ( and the fastest growing company of California ( in 2017 - 2018, I was the #1 ranked SMB sales rep of the LA office.

► I've been recognized in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, New York Times, TechCrunch, Washington Post, Japan Times, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine and World News.

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Head of Sales - Enterprise

Mystery Tours
June 2019 - present   |   San Francisco

Spreading fun to techies. More soon (mysterious, I know)...

Global Account Executive - SMB

May 2017 - June 2019   |   San Francisco

We are democratizing global trade and will eventually provide a seamless web of global commerce. AngelList ranked Flexport as the #1 most competitive company to work for in 2017 and Inc. ranked Flexport as the #1 fastest growing company of California in 2018.

• 128% quota 2018 ($3.5M)
• 120% quota in 2017
👑 #1 ranked SMB rep of LA office 2017 - 2018

Ryan is a gifted seller. He works incredibly hard, communicates well with clients, and has an iterative sales process. What sets him apart is his ability to empower those around him and his genuine desire to see everyone win. Under his leadership I went from having no sales experience to being a top producer globally in roughly three months. He invested tons of time into helping me build my career - not only because he benefited financially from my success - but because he genuinely cared about seeing me succeed. Ryan would be a valuable asset to any company looking for sales leadership.
— Josh Korn, Sales Development Representative at Flexport
Ryan is without a doubt one of the hardest working and intrinsically motived people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work along side. I was an external SDR Manager hire and heavily relied on his partnership and feedback as we improved the Global Account Executive opportunity funnel. He is crucial in the development of other sales people and also manages to consistently average 125% + quarter over quarter. I’m repeatedly impressed by his knowledge of sales etiquette and expertise in process organization which was a huge advantage to our entire office. He put this skill set to work in order to increase our revenue goals by 2x YoY. He managed a direct relationship within an SDR pairing and brought up that SDR to be the number 1 globally for generating opportunities. Furthermore, and candidly- clients and everybody just love him! Any organization would be lucky to have Ryan on team ! Truly result oriented, and ultra talented salesperson.
— Alexandria Smith, Sales Development Manager at Flexport
Ryan helped build out our sales team in the Los Angeles office for Flexport as our office grew from fifteen employees to over a team of over sixty in just one year, he was consistently a top performer and leader on the team. He helped build out both our sales processes and culture through his positive attitude, organization skills, diligence, persistence and motivation. He is truly one of the most efficient people I have ever worked with, and I learned a lot working beside him as a peer. Ryan would be an incredible asset to any organization!
— Stephanie Keelan, Account Executive at Flexport

Product Manager

Havoc Television
April 2016 - April 2017   |   Los Angeles

► Led strategy, development and launch of six apps in six months for a TV network of 55M homes

• Apps included iPhoneAndroidApple TV, RokuFire TV & responsive website with Chromecast 
• Expanded market reach, increased AVOD CPMs and created new SVOD revenue stream.
• Integrated Google DFP AVOD on videos and Stripe SVOD on movies and live stream in all apps
• Re-engineered entire technology stack for cross-platform video distribution with reduced costs

Involved with the planning, design, development, release and optimization of software development with the following technologies: iOS, TvOS, Swift, Objective-C, SQLite, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, AOSP, Java, Fire OS, HTML5, Javascript, Brightscript, Heroku, CDN, Akamai, H.264, HLS, RTP, VAST, JW Player, Stripe, Google Analytics, Crashlytics, OneSignal, FileMaker, Squarespace, Jira, Basecamp, etc.

New & Notable
— The Roku App Channel Store
Ryan is a solid executive with an impressive work ethic and expertise in product management. His capacity to oversee multiple complex priorities in an organized professional manner is outstanding. He is also an innovator who has a broad and significant understanding of the rapidly evolving digital media landscape/ multiple platforms.
— David deKadt, Co-Founder & President at Havoc Television
I have worked closely with Ryan for over a year and he has been instrumental in launching our OTT apps across multiple platforms while also managing a linear tv channel. Ryan has paramount cross-functional team leadership and communication skills which allowed us to launch multiple apps in complete harmony. His help in translating business requirements into prioritized product development specs has kept our tech up to date and bug-free. Great guy to work with, amazing energy, and I’d recommend him to anyone.
— Zack Warren, Head of Original Content & Advertising Operations at Havoc Television
Ryan is extremely motivated, capable, reliable and organized. Given the mission of launching a new Havoc website and connected TV app across all key platforms, he took the lead and handled everything from identifying the best tech partner for our particular needs and negotiating favorable terms, to overseeing the build out and making sure the launch was implemented on time and on budget. As a result of Ryan’s efforts, Havoc TV is now live across iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast, with integrated Google DFP ad serving capabilities, and a subscription aspect (leveraging Stripe) for our linear channel and movies. The technology Ryan identified and implemented to achieve this has also allowed us to consolidate our back end video management and streaming with the new platform, resulting in reduced costs and added efficiency. Ryan has continued to work with our tech partners to add a steady stream of useful new features, as well as working with our programming team internally to make sure all content is updated and optimized. He has great attention to detail and has been skilled at continually organizing next steps and keeping all the various parties involved in this project on track and moving forward to achieve tangible results. All in all Ryan has been a great addition to the Havoc TV team, and his skill set is a great fit given the rapidly evolving media landscape.
— Ryan Kresser, CEO at Havoc Television
Ryan has been integral in the development and launch of Havoc TV’s six different apps including iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Roku, Fire TV and our new responsive website with Chromecast. He’s eagerly led product strategy, which has led to Havoc’s expanded market reach, and has the vision and creative execution to innovate the Havoc brand. I’ve worked closely with Ryan over the past nine months in order to develop and launch Havoc’s respective apps, and his expertise of app frameworks and user experience have proven invaluable to process. He’s helped to improve my workflow as Digital Programing Manager and Online Editor to create and program content that bolsters views, user interaction, and site/app stickiness.
— Alex Khatchadourian, Digital Programming Manager & Online Editor at Havoc Television

Technical Account Executive - SMB & Mid-Market

Salesforce (Heroku Division)
March 2013 - September 2015   |   San Francisco

Attained >200% of quota and ranked the #1 sales representative of 3 - 15 person ramped team from 2013 - 2015

• #1 ranked rep of the 15 person ramped team Q1 & Q2 of 2015 (210% annualized quota)
• #1 ranked rep of the 15 person ramped team of 2014 (287% quota)
• Voted the MVP of 2014 by the 15 person ramped team
• #1 ranked rep of the three person ramped team of 2013 (202% quota)

• Attained 210% of annualized quota in 2015, 287% of quota in 2014 and 202% of quota in 2013
• Developed, sold and supported products with cross-functional teams including runtime, routing, API, languages, data services, security, operations, partners, enterprise, marketing and support
• Continually improved sales process through multivariate testing of my gamification techniques that increased my customers' probability of implementing my technical optimization suggestions by 130%.
• Clients included the President's, Facebook's, BitTorrent's P2P network, Pebble's smartwatch, Snoop Dogg's and Citrix's GoToMeeting

• Sourced and acquired most new customer accounts over last 9 quarters (173% team average)
• Generated most recurring revenue from new accounts over last 8 quarters (155% team average)
• Generated most recurring revenue from held accounts over last 7 quarters (147% team average)
• Generated most long-term contract revenue over last 7 quarters (573% team average - not a typo)
• Recognized as top 1% volunteer of the 10K person Salesforce Bay Area employee base of 2015

Involved with the development, release and optimization of software development with the following technologies: Heroku, GitHub, Ruby, Java, Node, Python, PHP, Go, Gradle, Scala, Clojure, iOS, Swift, Objective-C, HTML5, Javascript, WEBrick, Unicorn, Puma, Gunicorn, Django, Websockets, Connection Pooling, Redis to Go, MongoDB, JawsDB, Redis, Postgres, ClearDB, Heroku Connect, New Relic, Kingdom, Librato, Papertrail, Sumo Logic, Logentries, SendGrid,, Fastly, Memcachier, Memcached Cloud, Airbrake, AppSignal, Raygun, Honeybadger, Sentry, Searchify, Elastic Cloud, SearchBox Elasticsearch, Websolr, Bonsai Elasticsearch, DbInsights, Keen IO, BlazeMeter, Rainforest QA,, Pusher, RabbitMQ, IronMQ, IronWorker, PubNub, Proximo, Zerigo DNS, StatusPage,, SSL, Adept Scale, DocRaptor, Cloudinary, Codeship, Chargify, Trello, HipChat, Zendesk, Yesware, Salesforce, etc.

Quota Attainment

Data in Net New Monthly Recurring Revenue Dollars
Ryan went above and beyond—and around the clock—helping on my latest launches. His sleeves-rolled-up approach meant we had coverage at Heroku for everything from contracts to dynos. Working with Ryan ensured a sense that our enterprise support was truly high-level.
— David Martinez, Producer at Facebook
When I think of Ry and his tenure on our sales team, the first word that comes to mind is, “hustle.” He has built a reputation of being the member of our direct sales team who pushes the hardest to innovate on his sales process in order to more effectively reach his goals and help his customers do the same.
— Mike Pyle, CRO & Co-GM Heroku at Salesforce
Ryan is an expert on his product who always seems to know the answers to our platform questions. He goes above and beyond to help connect us to third parties or to support when necessary.
— Justin Knoll, Chief Architect at BitTorrent


February 2013 - January 2014

Fast Company Magazine ranked Babbel as the most innovative education company of the world in 2016.

Babbel acquired PlaySay in 2013 and retained me as their international expansion advisor

Babbel has over 1M paying subscribers.

Founder & CEO

PlaySay (acquired by Babbel)
April 2008 - March 2013 (5 years)   |   Tokyo, Philadelphia, San Francisco

★ "Making learning a language fun" - The Wall Street Journal
★ "An educational/business force to be reckoned with" - TechCrunch
★ "Enabling a conversational language learning experience" - The New York Times
★ "New & Noteworthy" - The Apple App Store

► Generated recurring revenue, increased valuation of the business to $2M then sold to Babbel

• Raised $800K in VC from the most active VC in the Education space of the USA
• Closed enterprise deals with McGraw-HillHarperCollins and 30 universities
• Oversaw key vertical analysis and P&L to ultimately increase repeat purchases by 200% YoY
• Captured 18% of target market in Japan via SEO, page optimization and SEM (with 60% ROI)
Directed marketing, advertising, promotion and PR to acquire 100K users
Launched as TechCrunch Disrupt Finalists with 3K attendees and 250K online viewers (video above)
• Led strategy, product development and launch of a #1 ranked iPhone app in USA & 10 countries

• Hired and managed five happy full-time employees with autonomy, mastery and purpose

Ascertained market, defined product value propositions, validated product market fit hypotheses
• Leveraged customer development, market research, usability studies, and competitive and industry analysis to identify market opportunity, determine business case, define product vision, design UI/UX, plan go-to-market strategy and lead agile development through the critical path
• Interpreted complex data sets to monitor, report and optimize key performance indicators
• Drove adoption of products through differentiation, naming, branding, positioning, outbound messaging, marketing, promotion, advertising, and PR

• Recognized in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, New York Times, TechCrunch, Washington Post, Japan Times, CBS, Entrepreneur Magazine and World News

Involved with the planning, design, development, release and optimization of software development with the following technologies: mp3, m4a, mp4, C#, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, ASP, SMS, Twilio, Heroku, Facebook Graph API, Objective-C, JQuery, CSS, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, Java, HTML5, CDN, Akamai, New Relic, Librato, Papertrail, SendGrid, Fastly, Elastic Cloud, Elasticsearch,, Proximo, SSL, Adept Scale, Cloudinary, PayPal, Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Twilio, Urban Airship, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Dreamweaver, Squarespace, Flinto, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp, Highrise, Salesforce, etc.

New & Noteworthy
— The Apple App Store
Making learning a language fun
— The Wall Street Journal
An educational/business force to be reckoned with
— TechCrunch
Enabling a conversational language learning experience
— The New York Times
Having worked with and observed Ryan daily for three months while he was in our incubator, I have to say he may be the most promising entrepreneur with whom I have worked in nearly 20 years as an angel, VC and attorney.
— Garrett Melby, Co-Founder & CEO at GoodCompany Ventures
Ryan Meinzer is the most driven entrepreneur I have come across on either side of the Pacific in the past three years. Ryan never gives up and never says “impossible.” He is one of the most enthusiastic and creative personalities I have met.
— Kevin Yu, Director at PayPal Japan
Ryan works harder than anyone I know. And while I worked with him at PlaySay, his work ethic was infectious. He pushed our team to achieve more through determination and innovation, and make the kind of impact in our industry that every great leader should strive for.
— Bob Laws, Vice President at PlaySay

International Marketing Manager

Intellectual Marketing & Planning, Inc.
June 2007 - June 2008 (1 year 1 month)   |   Tokyo


► Generated $100K of new international marketing revenue from Fortune 500 clients

• Co-managed 12-member cross-functional team and 7K field staff in product development, multichannel marketing, advertising, PR and brand management for $1M business unit
• Spearheaded localization, positioning and brand management for the Japan Tofu Association
• Analyzed market, cultivated innovation, optimized product mix and pricing, and designed promotional strategies for Fortune 500 and major multinational clientele such as Time Warner Japan, Bourjois Japan, Krispy Kreme Japan, Johnson & Johnson Japan and BT Japan

Ryan is one of the few that I have known that is capable of strategically aligning a company with others that are both; outside AND inside of his industry - that most others would write off as competitors. Ryan sees the long term, finds mutually beneficial connections, then battles tirelessly to reach them.
— Gary Schrader, HR Specialist at Specialized Group
Had a number of opportunities to engage with Ryan in Tokyo. Was consistently impressed by his energy, enthusiasm, creativity, positive attitude, hard work, great smile and great personality. A pleasure to know him and I’ve no doubt he will have many wonderful achievements in the coming years.
— Andrew Shuttleworth, Founder at CVP

Assistant Manager, Marketing Research

QuickTest / Heakin
June 2002 – November 2002   |   Pittsburgh

• Managed daily operations of national firm specializing in mall intercept survey, observational, ethnographic, experimental, and online primary marketing research
• Managed 30 employees including payroll oversight and training on consumer survey techniques and call center phone bank procedures.
• Increased interviewee research base by more than 20% over previous period
• Conducted research study pre-qualification protocols with the extensive prospect of interviewing including coordination of data for marketing research interpretation

Sales Representative, Sales

Vector Marketing
June 2000 – June 2002   |   Lancaster

► Sold $20K of kitchen knives to strangers within my first year (age 16)

• Marketed cutlery products to households and the business sector for national firm with annual sales exceeding $180 million. 
Distinguished by the CEO as a member of the "President's Club" for leading monthly sales exceeding $3000 with extensive involvement in the operation of the field office.

President’s Club
— Vector Marketing