We're super excited to announce that we've been acquired by Babbel, the leading language learning company with 15 million users offering 11 languages to learn. We're now focusing all of our efforts on making your new language learning experience better than ever with Babbel.  

Why Babbel?

✔ It's fun, social and mobile, just like PlaySay...only better!

✔ It's smart, and will make you even smarter.

✔ There are tons of mobile apps from Babbel, but make sure you sign up on the Website first to enjoy the full Babbel experience.

Open this Email on your Desktop or Laptop Computer right now and click the following link to experience the full power of Babbel:

Take me to Babbel now!

Babbel Product Lineup

15 million learners are using Babbel, it's free for a limited time and it'll help you learn your new dream language.

Heartfelt Thanks From PlaySay's Founder & CEO

I owe all of our success to you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since founding PlaySay in 2008, we've poured our hearts and souls into fulfilling your dreams of learning new languages. Our vision all along was to advance cultural awareness and international fellowship through language and we couldn't be happier to get closer to such with Babbel's acquisition of PlaySay. 

With an affordable price point and focus on mobile, Babbel is poised to usurp giants like Rosetta Stone who have neglected the majority of the users in the USA market that spend <$100/year on self-study language learning products. The winner of the race in language learning software will be the one that does mobile the best and Babbel will clearly hit the ground running in the principle USA market armed with my expertise, the acquisition of PlaySay and our #1 ranked mobile app.

To international fellowship, 

Ryan Meinzer