Got the munchies? Similar to our vision and commandments, we have core principles for our product design and language learning methodology thereof. These principles are derived from our product learnings and customer development hypotheses from our four years of experience in the space.  

Product Design Principles

Fun - product is fun for everyone

Rewarding - product provides an authentic tangible reward (e.g. new friends)

Interesting - all (language learning) content in the product is topical and relevant

Engaging - product maintains short term engagement (e.g. visceral game mechanics) and long term engagement

Social - every action in the product is a social action (e.g. communication)

Language Learning Methodology Principles

Production - Learners are enabled to produce the second language in a simplified anxiety-free production environment with rich media aids and synchronous positive reinforcement

Immersion - Transition to have the learner’s first language (L1) not offered as a crutch to understand the second language (L2); the learner is gradually transitioned to always be surrounded by the L2

Experimentation - Learners are given incentives to experiment with the L2 and create increasingly complex phrases, guided by real-time feedback

Semiotics - L2 is presented through symbols, pictograms and audio, thereby facilitating immersion, and removing the L1 as a barrier between L2 expressions and their referents


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