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How we Launched and How we Did

How we Launched and How we Did

We had a blast releasing our baby into the world yesterday and continue to have a blast watching it grow!

We targeted two markets in our launch, Spain and the hyper-competitive USA. PlaySay is now #2 in Spain and #74 in the USA for Education. Awesome!

Below you'll find how we ranked in other country's Education Category of the their respective App Stores along with screenshots of our marketing, advertising and public relation ToDo's for launch day. 

How we Did

#1 Argentina

#1 Uruguay

#2 Spain

#2 Peru

#2 Paraguay

#4 Mexico

#4 El Salvador

#4 Venezuela

#4 Ecuador

#4 Venezuela

#6 Columbia

#13 Chile

[ --- Top 100 in other countries, not mentioned --- ]

#74 USA

How we Launched

HUGE shout out to Jeremy of Tapity who hooked me up with some killer advice on how to successfully promote, launch and gain market share for PlaySay. Jeremy is an Apple Design Reward winner for his Grades application, shown below. 

Above is Jeremy's award-winning Grades application next to PlaySay today, as we were 'charting' up in the Education category of the USA App Store. Thanks again Jeremy, let's both get to the Top 5! We were meant to be...neighbors, at least!

For those interested, below are the marketing, advertising and public relations ToDo's that led up to our big launch day yesterday. 

To successfully 'chart' in the App Store, it's critical to have a concentrated launch. If done correctly, you'll have a snowball effect of getting more and more downloads, reviews, etc. Apple ranks apps in their respective categories on a weighted average over the past few days, most heavily weighted on the current day. Even though PlaySay launched yesterday, we're still hustling hard on marketing. 

So PLEASE download PlaySay and give it a rating today!

You'll learn some Spanish, we'll get PlaySay higher in the ranks. That's a win-win, right?!

PlaySay is Now Live in the App Store, Launched by TechCrunch!

PlaySay is Now Live in the App Store, Launched by TechCrunch!

4 years 4 this - our flagship PlaySay app is now available in the app store. We couldn't be more excited. Check out our official release on TechCrunch!

We have had so much fun building this app and are more proud of it than anything else we've ever built. It truly culminates our four years of business in the language learning space. So, without further ado...

Presenting PlaySay, an iPhone game that connects language learners so they can have real conversations with pronunciation feedback. 

The fun, social way to learn Spanish.

PlaySay is a first-of-its-kind game that connects language learners so they can have real conversations with pronunciation feedback.

★ "Making learning a language fun" - The Wall Street Journal

★ TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist - TechCrunch

It’s the best way to learn useful Spanish phrases, practice them with a real Spanish partner, and improve your pronunciation!

Great for all skill levels!

PlaySay features:

✔ Practical language: Each conversation that you have will center on real-life scenarios, like introducing yourself, ordering food, and even FLIRTING!

✔ Real native speakers: We’ll match you with native Spanish speakers and you’ll learn from their pronunciation.

✔ Pronunciation feedback: PlaySay uses speech-recognition technology to evaluate your Spanish pronunciation. We’ll tell you if you’re saying it correctly!

✔ Thousands of useful phrases: Each conversation you have will expose you to new phrases that you would actually use if you were visiting Spain.

✔ Phrase mastery: PlaySay keeps track of the phrases you use and even lets you know when you’ve mastered them. Master phrases to level up and earn rewards! You could even win a trip to Spain!

✔ Play with friends: Have a friend who’s also learning Spanish? Match up and have a conversation together! Listen to each other’s Spanish pronunciation!

Please don't forget to review us in the App Store after downloading PlaySay!

About PlaySay:

PlaySay is an iPhone game that connects language learners so they can have real conversations with pronunciation feedback. PlaySay is a 2011 TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist backed by the most active venture capitalists in the education space of the USA (Novak Biddle Venture Partners). PlaySay has closed premium content deals with the one of the largest publishers of language learning books and materials (McGraw-Hill) along with the largest foreign language learning dictionary publisher of the world (HarperCollins). For more information, please visit

Official Press Kit (English)

Official Press Kit (Español)