Sticky no Pricky
Are those event wristbands pulling your wrist hair? That's just ridiculous. No more!

Business Model - Selling manufactured & patented event wrist bands that's sticky-end is shaped as a triangle vs. the bracelet's rectangle.

Self-serve coin-operated punching bag machines embedded alongside the sidewalk-facing side of a U-Haul-based truck on the bar strip.

Business Model - Consumers pay to punch the bags and compete with others. Truck is parked on street.

Cryptocurrency mining as a service.

Business Model - Consumers pay infrastructure and software cryptocurrency mining as as service.

Upload anything. We'll print & ship it next-day to your door. Color / B&W / Stapled.

Business Model - Consumers pay for prints. Goodbye, printers.

Sunblock infused with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
Business Model - Consumers pay for the medicinal sunblock.

Glow in the dark toilet bowl water phosphorescence disinfectant for those nightime bathroom pees. "When you gotta go, you gotta glow!"
Business Model - Patent. Consumers pay for product. Ultimately license to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company.

In-pic ad PaaS for X
Platform paying consumers for brands' logos/ads to be overlaid in targeted social media pictures. Get paid to rep brands in your pics.
Business Model - Brands pay consumers based upon how many likes pictures receive. 'Pay per like' (PPL). We take a cut.

Auto-mute for cell calls
Tech that automatically mutes person's line that isn't talking. No more annoying background noise.
Business Model - Patent then offer a free mobile app for consumers as a segue to ultimately license to phone carriers.

Credit building service that offers TBD credit but takes 100% responsibility of such, charging/paying fixed amounts over time for you.
Business Model - Consumer pays interest fees. Charges/payments are to/from us. We earn interest from consumers' money.

Electronic bed curtains
Track installed on ceiling corresponding to perimeter of bed that curtain hangs from. Motorized. Full black out without window blinds!
Business Model - Consumer pays for tracks and curtains.

GPS-enabled golf ball
Golf ball with GPS chip integrating with mobile app tracking ball's distance, speed, location, etc.
Business Model - Consumer pays for golf balls and mobile app.

Ethnicity guessing game
Mobile app allowing you to guess another's ethnicity with multiple choice question form.
Business Model - Free to consumers. We sell data asset to facial recognition software companies.

Clothing exchange network
Remember how Netflix worked with physical CDs? Same thing but for clothing.
Business Model - Consumers pay subscription. Brands pay us to feature their clothing. We double dip on revenue.

We pay digitally, why can't we be identified digitally? Mobile app for your eID.
Business Model - Businesses use app that syncs with consumers' app to verify their eIDs. We sell data asset to geomarketers.

Easy tire chains
Lay tire chains on the ground and drive over them to have them automatically be fastened to itself around your tire. No more getting dirty.
Business Model - We sell the tire chains to Consumers.

Necklace that leverages electromyography to encode unvoiced speech to text on connected devices for silent digital communication.
Business Model - Patent then charge consumers to use through an app. Tech is licensed to businesses.

Get cash, save money. Give cash, earn money. A human ATM network.
Business Model - Open marketplace for buying/selling cash. We take a cut.

Midnight-5am bus offering flat rate to eat a pizza slice onboard. Get on/off at any of the fixed circuit stops around the city.
Business Model - We sell pizza (not transportation). Far less taxes and regulations.

White labeled liquid sugar packets
Granulated sugar doesn't melt in iced drinks. Liquid sugar packets.
Business Model - Businesses pay us for white labeled liquid sugar packets they can offer to their consumers.

Pandora for TV
Thumb up/down TV content. Adaptive learning to auto-play TV content you like. No more channel surfing.
Business Model - Consumers pay us for service. Content providers pay us for preferred placement. We double dip in revenue.

Fully automated bar. Swipe machine to pay. Machine automatically mixes your drink or pours you a beer.
Business Model - Businesses pay us for our machines. Businesses pay for ads in machine's integrated app/display.

Group candid photo sharing app network
Mobile app with location awareness of nearby users wanting candid pictures of themselves.
Business Model - Consumers pay for pictures, users taking pics get paid, we take a cut.

Auto action shots
You know those automated picture-taking cameras on roller coasters? Same thing for action sports (e.g. ramps). Synced Mobile app.
Business Model - Businesses charge consumers for pics. We take a cut. Pic upload to cloud/app fully automated by wifi-enabled cameras.

Gas cooktop auto stoppers
Sensors that detect if your gas cooktop is on in vain and shuts your gas off.
Business Model - Consumers pay for product kit and/or we license tech to businesseses.

Adsense for wall art in shops
Adsense service matching businesses that want wall art to decorate their businesses with artists that want to sell their wall art.
Business Model - Through app the consumer buys wall art that's duplicated for them by artist. We take a cut. Businesses get free wall art.

Airmiles marketplace
Marketplace to buy/sell airmiles.
Business Model - Consumers buy/sell airmiles. We take a cut.

Xtreme gear furniture
Used skateboards, snowboards, skiis, etc. as functional furniture like benches and chairs.
Business Model - Consumers pay for the furniture.

Dotloop for startup funding
Dotloop for startups and investors to close a funding round.
Business Model - Either we charge the consumers (startups or investors) a subscription or we take a cut of their funding round.

Spambox for physical mail
Take a pic of your physical mail spam and never get anything again from that sender.
Business Model - We charge consumers for service.

App for consumers to buy drinks and businesses to serve them in a first-come, first-serve queue as it should be.
Business Model - Marketplace to buy/sell drinks. We take a cut.

App for consumers and doctors to get/give on-location visits on-demand.
Business Model - Marketplace to buy/sell Dr. visits. We take a cut.

Bar phone chargers
App for consumers and businesses to get/give phone charges through a trackable charging device.
Business Model - Consumers pay to charge. Bars get chargers for free that draw more consumers in and increase consumers' time in bar.

Mail-in key duplication (backup)
App allowing consumers to take pictures of their keys for on-demand duplication and instant delivery.
Business Model - Consumers pay for service.

Ondemandbnb (parked sleeper vans)
App providing on-demand vans with beds that come to you for you to sleep in.
Business Model - Consumers pay for service.

You know those fully enclosed lockers for bikes? Same thing for a bed to rest your head.
Business Model - Consumers pay by the hour. Lockers unlock upon credit card swipe. Bed sheets auto-rotate after each use.

Window blind ads
Service for businesses to pay consumers to place advertisements on outside of their blinds.
Business Model - Businesses pay consumers. We take a cut.

Auto adaptive noise canceler head/sleepband
Head/sleepband that detects and cancels noise and adapts accordingly for future noise cancelation.
Business Model - Consumers pay for product.