Music is one of my natural gifts that I'm very grateful for. Piano was always easy for me over the 10 years I actively played. DJing the clubs and parties throughout college was the most fulfilling. 


After consistently watching a local DJ friend of mine move people with his music, I was immediately drawn to the art. The turntables became a musical instrument for me that leveraged my creativity in full. I was never able to compose for the piano. Rather, I would simply play songs that were composed by another person. However, from my background in music through piano I was quickly able to compose enticing beats and mixes on the turntables that moved people. You know that euphoric feeling you get from a tune that makes you dance without a care in the world? Producing that feeling for others feels amazing.

My favorite aspect of DJing is the 'scratch' technique that produces a dynamic range of sounds by moving the record back and forth in concert with the cross fader of the mixer. DJs spend a lifetime perfecting the art of scratching, not to mention the plethora of other musical production components attributed to a good DJ.


Through piano I learned to appreciate a good melody, keep a rhythm, adjust my tempo and beautifully harmonize. It's such a dynamic instrument that I excelled in with dedication and much practice. I ended up winning first place in over four piano competitions across Pennsylvania. I also played the piano in my local church.